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Sahil Saini to fame as a concept trainer, one of the best Entrepreneurs, bloggers, and Owners. He takes pride in being associated with various corporate groups for imparting Blogging Talks and leadership in Digital Marketing in India and Other Countries. He is also attached with the Delhi Police to handle their official website. Sahil Saini has received his early education from Government School. Afterward, he has served in various corporates as a Company Manager for five years. However, life had some other plans for him. He gave up his job and started his own journey of inspiring and aware others. Sahil found his true calling in the Digital Marketing teachings of Mr. Amit Agarwal, Mr. Harsh Agarwal, and Shradha Sharma. Taking the real path helped him to get a new perspective on life. Eventually, he discovered the real meaning of Digital life which is not only about living for oneself, but the ultimate key to happiness lies in sharing the joy of living, with others.



Your fingers take time to engage in full contact with a touchscreen. In some cases, even 30 seconds or more after placing a dry finger on the glass.

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Next-generation touchscreens are already being designed to use ultrasonic vibrations that give the illusion that smooth glass has texture.

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Whatever your plan is, our product makes it simple to combine, interact, rearrange and customize the pages and all the elements as you desire.

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The keratin in the outer layer of our skin is inflexible when dry. This means that when you first push a finger against the screen of a smartphone.


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Each template in our ever growing studio library can be added and moved around within any page effortlessly with one click. Combine them, rearrange them and customize them further as much as you desire. Welcome to the future of building with WordPress.

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We're all drawn to happiness. A study at Harvard tells us that emotion is contagious. You'll notice that the Before (pre-Digital Age) pictures in Facebook's slides all display neutral faces. But the cover slide that introduces Facebook and the after slides have smiling faces on them. This is important. The placement of those graphics is an intentional persuasion technique.

Studies by psychologists show that we register smiles faster than any other expression. And when participants in a study were asked to recall expressions, they consistently remembered happy faces over neutral ones.

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